Walker Products


Processor Vessels

Walker stainless steel process vessels meet or exceed customer application specifications because flexibility, efficiency and convenience features are built in. Our premier process vessels are used in the processing of food, dairy, beverage, fine chemical and personal care products where there is a need for agitation matched to the process, controlled temperature transfer, or aseptic processing that requires an ASME pressure vessel. We design to meet United States Public Health Service requirements and build to 3-A Sanitary Standards. ASME, CRN and PED code stamping are available.

Mixer Vessels

Walker stainless steel mixer vessels combine a host of design features for unprecedented processing flexibility for a variety of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical product applications. From gentle agitation through mixing light, medium and heavy, viscous products, Walker has the perfect solution.

Storage Tanks

Every stainless steel storage tank fabricated by Walker Engineered Products stands as proof of durability, convenience, and built-in efficiencies. From round horizontal stainless steel storage tanks to vertical storage silos holding up to 70,000 gallons, Walker tanks serve the dairy, beverage and food processing industries. All Walker units meet or exceed 3A or USDA standards.

Tank Heads

Walker is a prominent manufacturer of hydroformed tank heads. We utilize various metals to shape stress-free tank heads that are polished, machined and beveled to perfection so they can be moved directly into a customer fabrication facility. Walker has regulatory agency approvals from ASME, CRN, and PED.

Walker Fabrication and Engineering Capabilities


Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication Capabilities

Walker can meet all customer specialized applications.  We build to print or we work with our customers to develop the exact stainless steel vessel for their requirements.  Or the resourceful engineers at Walker come up with their own customer-friendly innovations, such as the USDA-accepted horizontal CIP agitator.

Engineering Capabilities
Walker has invested a lot of resources into research and design.  We use 3D modeling and design to render a more realistic picture of proposed pressure vessel design, for example, so our customer can see the vessel in real position.  We use finite element analysis to assure our customer that a vessel complies with seismic and wind load codes. Using integrated MRP to lay out a critical path and schedule improves our customer service from estimation to timely delivery.