Walker Engineered Products leadership in the design and manufacture of ASME vessels and stainless steel mixing tanks for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries requires putting the maximum priority on quality and integrity.  Walker provides the highest standard factory acceptance testing, including spray ball testing.  We include full documentation packages with weld inspection reports and RA mapping. We work closely with suppliers to develop features and options specifically designed to further enhance the sophisticated sanitary design of our Bio/Pharm vessels.

  • atmospheric transfer tanks
  • compounding vessels
  • dedicated formulation tanks
  • fermenters
  • WFI applications
  • mixing vessels
  • pressure tanks
  • reactor vessels
  • single wall tanks
  • tanks for hi-purity water mixing with powders

Stainless Steel Fabrication
We specialize in building customized stainless steel tanks and vessels according to customer specifications and performance requirements.  We also build to print directly from a customer design.

  • Walker Engineered Products fabricates all pharmaceutical tanks and vessels to the principles of the ASME-BPE standard. We can meet your needs for "U" stamped vessels and "R" stamped vessels.
  • All tanks and vessels are built in a dedicated Bio/Pharm area.
  • 5 liter to 7,000 liter vessels
  • 12 gauge to 0.5" thickness
  • Heat transfer solutions – dimpled, half pipe, conventional jacket
  • We fabricate using any stainless grade 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 317L , 2205 and work with higher alloys such as AL6XN and Hastalloy for its corrosion resistance.
  • Electropolishing when required as part of the finishing process.

The efficiency and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals are detrimentally affected by even the minutest of contaminants which is why Walker designs its vessels for full drainability and easy washout cleanability. Walker custom drills spray balls for the most hard to access surfaces. We do spray ball testing and conduct a riboflavin test to confirm that all interior surfaces of the vessel have been thoroughly wetted by the CIP procedure.

QA Procedures
Walker Engineered Products requires material certification for the source of every component and piece of material that goes into a Bio/Pharm tank or vessel.  We fabricate to principles of ASME/BPE for exacting form and fit.  We have the capabilities to conduct a Factory Acceptance Test on each vessel before shipping.  This includes a Polish Test using RA mapping for surface roughness, a Riboflavin Test using spray coverage of every square millimeter of the interior vessel to confirm complete coverage, and a Drainage Test for full drainability.

We understand why there is a need for the very exacting demands for documentation in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and we take them very seriously.  We include full documentation packages for the entire project including the design along with design calculations, material certification, fabrication steps, all weld procedures, inspections and the final factory acceptance test.