Material Finishes

Walker Engineered Products has over 60 years of experience in fabricating stainless steel tanks and equipment for the Dairy, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic Industries.  Whatever your storage or processing applications are, Walker can provide the correct material and finish to meet your requirements. Below are descriptions of each material finish.

Hot Roll Mill Finish
Applies to steel plate in 1/4” and thicker. Has a rough, dull surface appearance.

2B Mill Finish
Has a smooth, dull, but moderately reflective finish. Can be used as is, or can be polished.

#3 Finish
Has a semi-polished surface with a prominent grain.  Common weld finish for this material is our Industrial Finish.

#4 Industrial Finish
A general purpose bright finish with visible grain. Used where a sanitary finish is not required. Common weld finish for this material is our Industrial Finish.

#4 Sanitary Finish
Used where sanitary finishes are required. Meets 3A standards. Has a visible grain surface which prevents a mirror like finish. Common weld finish for this material is our Sanitary finish.

#6 Finish
Polished to a 7-12 RA with finer grit lines and higher reflection than #4 finish. This finish is easier to clean because the product is less likely to adhere to the surface.

#7 Finish
A mirror-like finish. Used where product release properties are important.

Weld Finishes

Walker can grind and polish every weld on your tank, but in many cases it’s not necessary or cost effective. The following describes the various weld finishes available from Walker.

Finish as Welded
This finish will have fine spatter, smoke and weld discoloration.

Free Hand Buff
A manual hand-held buff process in which the weld is brightened. This finish is not flush and will contain crevices, ripples and irregularities in the weld material. Generally used on exterior and interior surfaces where finish is not critical.

Glass Bead
Removes weld discoloration on exterior surfaces producing a satin, gray appearance.

Stripe Buff
Similar operation as free hand buff but welds are striped for uniform appearance. Generally used on 2B material finishes.

Industrial Finish
Weld is ground smooth and snag free. (RA Range 33-43)

Sanitary Finish
Weld is ground flush. Meets 3A standards. (RA Range 23-32)

Pharmaceutical Finishes
Weld is ground flush. RA Ranges Available:

  • 18-22 RA
  • 13-17 RA
  • 7-12 RA
  • <6 RA

Electropolish (EP)
Highly reflective surface that provides the level of product release and cleanability required by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.