Mixer Vessels

Walker Multi-Mixer™ and Liqui-Mixer™ mixing tanks share a reliable design and ease of cleaning and maintenance.  They are a formidable pair, tough, durable and designed to overcome the most complex mixing challenges.

The Walker Liqui-Mixer™ is an application-specific rectangular mixing vessel.  It has a high shear mixer impeller incorporated at its bottom for rapid dispersion of powders into liquid.  The rectangular design is the key design element that allows for self baffling for rapid dispersion and mixing of powders into liquid. Temperature control options expand the range of process applications.  Liqui-Mixer™ is the perfect solution for mixing light to medium bodied products such as food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products.

The Walker Multi-Mixer™ has a seriously robust mixing tank design, combining the bottom mounted Walker impeller system for excellent dispersion with a scraper agitator on sides for heating and cooling applications. It lives up to its name with its multiple capabilities of concurrent heating and cooling, formulating, gentle agitation, high speed mixing of viscous products and chopping to form a slurry.