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Available in flat bottom (Model PZ) or cone bottom (Model PZ-CB)

The enclosed starter processor meets national and United States Public Heath Service requirements and the 3A Sanitary Standards for batch processors.

This specially designed process vessel provides a high degree of protection for the production of bulk starter and minimizing chances for bacterial and phage contamination. It is a completely sealed unit and includes the following:

  • An air-tight, insulated manway cover with stainless steel hinge and cam latch, an O-ring gasket snaps on the cover.
  • A removable inoculating port with live steam ring and sealed cover for protective inoculating technique.
  • Easily attached, high-efficiency filter for controlled entrance of air and protection from airborne contamination.
  • Sealed agitator port with two-piece rotary agitator seal. Complete seal can be removed quickly and easily without removing agitator shaft.

Stainless steel heat transfer jacket covering sidewalls and bottom liners can be divided into 3 or 4 (depending on size) separately controllable zones for maximum efficiency, flexibility and control when processing partial batches. The heat transfer jacket is designed for operating pressures up to 100 psig @100°F or 15 psig @ 250°F as standard.

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