Sloped Bottom, Side Outlet Processor

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The Walker Model PZ processor with the sloped reverse dish bottom head is a multi-purpose process tank with applications in the dairy, beverage and food processing segments.  The design provides good product drainage and is suitable for CIP.

The PZ sloped bottom, side outlet processor meets national and United States Public Heath Service requirements and the 3A Sanitary Standards for batch processors.

The side and bottom sweep agitation provides gentle but complete mixing and blending with fast heating and cooling.

The stainless steel heat transfer jacket, covering the sidewalls and bottom, may be divided into 3 or 4 (depending on size) separately controllable zones for maximum efficiency, flexibility and control when processing partial batches. The heat transfer jacket is designed for operating pressures up to 100 psig @ 320°F as standard; higher operating pressures and ASME & CRN code stamping are available.

The Model PZ is available in several different configurations including:

  • Standard atmospheric mixing and blending processor
  • Sealed agitator port for pressure and/or vacuum processing
  • Batch pasteurizer with thermal wells in the air head space for temp measurement and leak detect valves.

Standard sizes from 200 to 3000 gallons and larger, however vessels as small as 10 gallons and as large as 10,000 gallons have been fabricated for certain applications.

Other options include choice of material (304 or 316L), port configurations, access ladder and more.

The unit is a multi-purpose processor providing mixing and blending with fast heating and cooling. The stainless steel heat transfer surface covers the sidewalls and bottom and is divided into 3 or 4 (depending on size) separately controllable zones for maximum efficiency, flexibility an control when processing partial batches.

Tank Material
  • 304 stainless steel top dome, inner side wall, inner bottom, # 4 finish
  • Sanitary #4 finish all product contact surfaces
  • Outer jacket T304 stainless steel
  • T304 stainless #4 industrial finish on exterior surfaces
  • Top dome, inner side wall, inner bottom 316L stainless steel
  • Other materials upon request
  • OD, # 4 finish with welds stripe buffed
  • Other finishes available upon request


Insulation STANDARD
  • 2" fiberglass sides & bottom
  • Insulated stainless steel outer top dome


Agitator Assembly
  • Stainless steel, #4 polish long sweep ass'y designed for CIP operation & ease of disassembly.
  • Tubular shaft,nylon bearings
  • Opening - flared in center of dome with rubber dust shield
  • Agitator Motor - single speed totally enclosed, fan cooled,gear motor, 230/460V/3/60 Hz
  • Motor mounting bracket -type T304 stainless steel, # 4 polish
  • Motor horsepower & RPM can be changed based on application
  • Sealed agitator port with two piece rotary seal & dust shield


Heat Transfer Surface
  • Preformed stainless steel wall panels welded to outer surface of liner & divided into separate zones.
  • Internal connections are stainless steel.
  • Heat transfer jacket and pressure drop requirements based on application, contact factory for options.
  • ASME code stamp vessel
  • CRN code Stamp Vessel


  • 18" diameter non-insulated stainless steel with "O" ring gasket in door


Air Vent
  • 3" vent tube with 4" vent screen up to 1000 gallon
  • 4" vent tube with 5" vent screen on 1500 gallon and larger


Product Inlet
  • 3" stainless steel clamp style ferrule in dome OPTIONAL
  • 2" removable no-foam inlet assembly • Removable double spray ball


  • Removable and adjustable
  • #4 stainless steel finish


Air Space Heater Opening        
  • 2” clamp type ferrule in dome for air space thermometer
  • 1-1/2 " clamp type ferrule in dome for air space heater connection


  • 3" clamp style ferrule in dome for CIP assembly


Thermometer Fittings STANDARD
  • two stainless steel projectile type wells through side wall for indicating & recording thermometers.
  • Stainless steel mounting lugs for recording thermometer
  • Additional ferrules as required


Product Outlet STANDARD
  • Standard clamp style ferrule
  • Variety of valve options


  • Stainless steel legs with adjustable ball feet & steel bracing with # 4 finish
    • Extended legs & bracing Legs


Optional stainless steel exterior ladder with platform permanently mounted at convenient working height