Storage tanks are part of the Walker heritage. Since 1961 Walker Engineered Products has fabricated thousands of silos and storage tanks offering the lowest cost per gallon of storage with capacities up to 70,000 gallons. Customers choose original Walker storage tanks for their high quality materials, unique design elements, value-added fabrication features that make the units very operator friendly, and durable performance that stands the test of time and use.

Horizontal Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

  • Dependable and economical. Available in refrigerated cold-wall models and non-refrigerated designs for the dairy, beverage and food industries.

Single Shell Storage Tanks

  • Built to specific customer design requirements to fit directly into a process line. For bulk ingredients for processing, such as food product with vinegar, oil with cosmetics, concentrates for juice.

Stainless Steel Silos

  • Insulated tanks for dairy, food ingredients, food processing, beverages, concentrates, syrups and a multitude of other applications.

Silo Agitators

  • Walker Engineered Products has a variety of agitation options to suit the individual dairy silo and storage tank application.

We take a flexible approach to storage tank design. Walker storage tanks are formed and can be easily customized to individual application specifications. A tank design can either be all customer driven or Walker engineers assist with tank design, site layout and tank placement, and recommend storage tank arrangements and options. It is this versatility along with the efficiency of our consulting, engineering, manufacturing, installation services, and after sales support that save our customers space, time and cost.

Walker tanks meet or exceed 3A sanitary standards or USDA standards so they are the right choice for dairy products, food product ingredients, beverages, high fructose corn syrup, sugar sucrose and water.

Unique design elements of Walker Engineered Products silo style storage tanks:

  • 'Z' rail – ultimate support for storage tank bottoms
    Walker vertical storage tank bottoms sit uniformly flat and level, every time. Bottoms are the most important part of the tank design and our exclusive fabrication technique means the tanks are virtually free of distortion while supporting product weight evenly. The ‘Z’ rail support design allows for shimming corrections to be done on the pad site. They are so well constructed, we have never replaced a Walker storage tank bottom.
  • Bonding element
    We use a bonding element to attach the “Z” rail bottom support to the bottom tank head so the tank can expand and contract while in use; this eliminates stress on spot welds and stud bolts.
  • Undercoating
    We apply an undercoating on every “Z” rail tank bottom to eliminate potential corrosion points. 
  • Seismic force and wind load calculations
    Walker engineers work up calculations based on the IBC 2006 building code regulations for seismic force and wind load applicable to the site location for the storage tank. All calculations are available to our customers.
  • Agitators
    Depending on the product application Walker Engineered Products provides agitators for blending and mixing, to keep solids suspended or to enhance the heat transfer surface. We offer various horizontal agitators with a choice of impellers, vertical turbine style agitators for more viscous products, and gate agitators for whey crystallizers. Also known as the Walker mount for horizontal agitators, the angle mount is pitched up and outward to create a swirling effect up the inside of the tank with liquid returning down the middle. Before recommending an agitator, Walker engineers work through product data specifications such as product viscosity to calculate the best agitator choice to suit the application. All calculations are available to our customers. 
  • Cleanability
    3-A Sanitary Standards emphasize cleanability. Walker Engineered Products is way ahead of the competition with our unique horizontal CIP agitator that is simple, sanitary, efficient and USDA accepted for mechanical cleaning for use in 3-A dairy silos and storage tanks. Walker offers conventional spray down CIP including spray disc, spray dish, drop spray ball and cascading cleaners, and upon request spray-up units for silo style storage tanks. 
  • Heat Transfer
    Heat transfer jackets for full flooded or direct expansion ammonia, glycol or water; internal headers reduce cost by reducing need for external piping and connections. Heat transfer surfaces include dimple, channel and half pipe for heating and cooling. 
  • Sump type outlet
    The Walker sump type drop outlet reduces the tendency of tank content to vortex and suck air in which can damage the product and reduce pump efficiency. 
  • Bolt-on design
    Access equipment bolted onto pre-installed support tabs for easy field installation.